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The Final Art Sale of Blank Space

Blank Space has a lot of art left over from our archives after closing! In agreement with our artists, we are putting on a huge auction where 100% of the proceeds goes to charity to empty our archives. You can choose which of the charities you would like in this questionnaire.   We have thousands of works for sale - everything from original drawings, prints, posters, stickers, oil paintings, sculptures - all beautiful, cool, and/or weird. 


This is a "MYSTERY" sale! This means you don't know what you are getting before you get the box in the mail - surprise! We guarantee that the value of the work(s) will be at least the cost you pay.


However many people buy from this sale will be divided into how much art we have left - and boom! You get a box in the mail with artwork. For example - if we have 1000 artworks, and 10 people participate - then each person gets 100 pieces of art in the mail. (As such we reserve the right to prematurely end the sale if we see that stocks are running low to make sure we can guarantee a quality sale!)

All artworks are priced the same and the only difference is the cost of shipping,  categorized as "Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large". We are unable to accept international shipments.  

We cannot take any special requests or reserve any items

This sale closes on 08.01.2023 at midnight. No orders or payments will be taken after this time. If we see that our stock is somehow running low, then we reserve the right to prematurely end the sale to ensure everyone gets a quality shipment and not a small sticker.

All payments must be made via this site and all information must be filled out correctly before the sale closes on 08.01.2023. It is your responsibility to ensure all information is filled in accurately. 

No refunds, returns, or exchanges given the nature of the sale. 

Items will be shipped as soon as possible, but please allow approximately 1 month before emailing us.  We will do our best to package items appropriately, but are not responsible for damaged items.


We cannot ship internationally - only Norwegian addresses. 

You can purchase more than 1 "item", but shipping cannot be combined due to the nature of this project and the cost of packaging materials. So:  2 "items" = 2 shipping costs.

If you would like to send this box as a gift, please fill out all boxes as the receiver of the gift. If you would like a message included in the box, please fill out the corresponding questions and I will include your message printed on a card with the package.

Please be precise when answering these questions - there is a single person working on this, and we do not have the capacity for much flexibility or troubleshooting. Yes, we understand this is a weird way of doing things, and not super professional. Hopefully our reputation for delivering solid art to cool people perseveres one last time!

If you have any questions, please email me at

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